Fits up to
203 cm
LED/ LCD/ Plasma Wall Mount
4 Movement - Rotate, Fold, Swivel & Tilt
  • Minimum distance from wall: 5.3"/ 13.4 cm
  • Maximum distance from wall: 22.5"/ 57.2 cm


Prestigious and innovative "Butterfly" design mount for LED/ LCD/ Plasma screens up to 100 lbs/ 60 kg. Mount enables fold, rotation, swivel and tilt with handle. Mount has 3 hinge pivots allows swinging in and out of niches, various viewing positions and screen position around corner of a wall.

  • Innovative & Exclusive Butterfly Design  Integrates aesthetically with rear side of LCD/ Plasma Screens, especially Ultra Slim Design Patent: 955760-001.
  • LCD Butterfly Connection Fits LCD mounting holes up to 800X400mm (VESA & Non VESA).
  • Also compatible for LED screens and  larger screen sizes, where their specifications comply to the mount.
Max. Weight: 100 lbs/ 60 kg

Product Benefits


    1. Attach adapter to the rear side of electronic device. 2. Install the bracket on the wall. 3. Snap the electronic device onto the bracket.

    Secure locking system, preventing theft and disengagement of the screen.

    A built-in mechanism to adjust the screen.

    Designed handle for manual tilt without pressure on a fragile screen.

    Holding the cables together.

Warranty & Standards




Tools Required

  • Hammer
  • Safety glasses
  • Leveler
  • Wrench 11mm
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Meter
  • Stud finder
  • Drill
  • Wrench 13mm
  • Wrench 14mm
  • To_scrw_2&3
  • To_drywood_4
  • To_drcon_6
  • To_drcon_10


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The "Butterfly" design story, patented for mounting system

We looked for additional ways to improve the viewing experience of Barkan's products end users. One day, Lior Barkan, our president and designer, looked at a mount and suggested, "why not conceal the clumsy mechanism with a shape similar to that of an animal that people love".  We tried a number of animals and came up with the butterfly shape.
Animals in nature develop, through generations of evolution, their body structure to enable them optimal and flawless movement in the air, sea and land. By using their effectiveness and ability to work in harmony, we have implemented these various characteristics in the development of mounts and connecting mechanisms to screens. We have succeeded to harness the flow, movement and efficiancy of animals, to our new products design, which transformed the viewing possibility to a more diverse application as compared to what is presently available in the market.

At Barkan Mounting Systems, enriching the home entertainment experience through the development, design and manufacturing of superior mounting systems for consumer electronics, is our main focus and the critical driver behind all our endeavors. Since our establishment in 1988 by Owner and President, Mr. Lior Barkan, the company has built a reputation as an innovative enterprise. Barkan's corporate adquarters, R&D and production facility, located in the heart of Israel. Barkan employs dedicated and talented individuals, whose thoroughness, responsibility, caring attitude and consistent striving for excellence, are built into every mounting product that leaves our plant.