Statement of Ethics

With the leadership of Mr. Lior Barkan, we have developed a unique system for knowledge management and process improvement – the Organization Brain system.

The system takes care of all the company aspects – general management, research and marketing, engineering, sales and account management, QC, logistics, finance, customer service and support.

Work according to the Organization Brain systems ensures high-quality management of all the processes in the company, e xcellency and constant improvement. 


 Code of Ethics - 10 Rules of conduct at Barkan

 1. Honesty and reliability

  • Commitment to telling the truth.
  • No manipulation of customers or co - workers.

 2. Sensitivity and willingness to aid one’s fellow worker

  •  Understand and respect the needs of those around you.
  •  Adopt a “Love your neighbor as yourself" mentality.

 3. External and internal customer satisfaction

  •  Accurate, attentive, and correct service to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Consult and advise the customer on how to become self-sufficient.

 4. Openness to change and constructive criticism

  • Ongoing willingness to enact change in response to a changing reality.

 5. Thoroughness and striving for excellence

  • Striving to perfect performance. Sticking to agreements and decisions.
  • Avoiding shortcuts, choosing the long-term solution rather than the short-term quick-fix.

 6. Caring and taking responsibility

  • Display genuine care for the organization and the work environment.
  • Show a willingness to perform beyond your personal job.

 7. Mistakes as leverages for improvement

  • Use errors as a springboard for improving processes.
  • Tolerate mistakes and avoid finger - pointing.

 8. Fiscal responsibility and safeguarding of property, plant and equipment

  • Recycle materials and maximize the use of all equipment.

 Barkan manager's endeavor to:

 9. Set a personal example

  • Every manager’s behavior must directly reflect Barkan’s ethics.
  • Demand from yourself as much and more than you demand from others.

 10. Transparent, fair and explicable decisions

  • Share the knowledge and factors that go into making a decision with fellow decision makers.
  • Display a sense of fairness and objectivity in every decision.
  • At Barkan, managers and employees alike, aspire to conduct themselves according to a consistent set of values. We believe that maintaining these values contribute significantly to our continued success.


At Barkan Mounting Systems, enriching the home entertainment experience through the development, design and manufacturing of superior mounting systems for consumer electronics, is our main focus and the critical driver behind all our endeavors. Since our establishment in 1988 by Owner and President, Mr. Lior Barkan, the company has built a reputation as an innovative enterprise. Barkan's corporate adquarters, R&D and production facility, located in the heart of Israel. Barkan employs dedicated and talented individuals, whose thoroughness, responsibility, caring attitude and consistent striving for excellence, are built into every mounting product that leaves our plant.