Barkan's exclusive Tablet mounts

We are proud to introduce our new and exclusive Tablet mounts

Use your tablet while cooking, watch your favorite series during dinner or listen to your playlist music and relax in the bath with Barkan's stylish Tablet Mounts and Stands.




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At Barkan Mounting Systems, enriching the home entertainment experience through the development, design and manufacturing of superior mounting systems for consumer electronics, is our main focus and the critical driver behind all our endeavors. Since our establishment in 1988 by Owner and President, Mr. Lior Barkan, the company has built a reputation as an innovative enterprise. Barkan's corporate adquarters, R&D and production facility, located in the heart of Israel. Barkan employs dedicated and talented individuals, whose thoroughness, responsibility, caring attitude and consistent striving for excellence, are built into every mounting product that leaves our plant.