PRO Ceiling Mounts

Fits up to 60"/ 70" 152/ 178cm LCD/ Plasma Ceiling Mounts

Special Order

Professional mounts which give solutions for vast range of requirements

Barkan's PRO series for ceiling mounts fit screens up to 42", up to 60" and up to 70".
Unique features include a tools-free touch & tilt adjustment mechanism, as well as a fall & theft proof locking system, enabling both flexibility and enhanced viewing experience in the professional environment.
PRO ceiling mounts up to 60" and 70" feature 360º rotation and a choice between:

  • Single or dual screen mounting.
  • Ceiling plates: Medium sized functional design (M) for concrete/ concrete hollow block ceilings or larger designed (L) for wooden studs & concrete/ concrete hollow block ceilings.
  • Adjustable telescopic (73 cm-112cm) or custom made fixed extensions.

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The story behind the "TOUCH & TILT" technology

We had been looking for a tools-free solution that would allow for the flexible movement and ultimate viewing position. We tested numerous types of friction pads from plastic to steel. None met our specific demands as the screen failed to remain in the same position. One day, one of our engineers asked a very simple question "Which material used in our daily life has a very high friction coefficient?" After a few moments of silence he answered "friction pads in the brakes of the car you are driving". We re-designed the brake friction pads for our touch & tilt mechanism. Now you can tilt the screen at any angle and count on the “brake pads” to hold the screen in the perfect viewing position. Barkan has a worldwide patent on this technology - Patent Pend PCT 2005/000373.

At Barkan Mounting Systems, enriching the home entertainment experience through the development, design and manufacturing of superior mounting systems for consumer electronics, is our main focus and the critical driver behind all our endeavors. Since our establishment in 1988 by Owner and President, Mr. Lior Barkan, the company has built a reputation as an innovative enterprise. Barkan's corporate adquarters, R&D and production facility, are all housed under one roof, in a modern and spacious state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, located in the heart of Israel. Barkan currently employs over 160 dedicated and talented individuals, whose thoroughness, responsibility, caring attitude and consistent striving for excellence, are built into every mounting product that leaves our plant.