About VESA Standards

VESA Mount for LCD Monitors, LCD Displays and Plasma Screens.

How to attach your LCD or plasma monitor to a mounting device including wall mounts, monitor mounts or desktop and ceiling mounts.

The connection is made by 4 screws with millimetric thread (M4, M5, M6, M8) that connect to a plate or rails in the mount to matching nuts that are  situated at the back of the screen in standard distances. 


What does the term "VESA" stand for and what is the focus of the VESA? The initials "VESA" stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. This is an international non-profit corporation, which represents more than 300 corporations worldwide. The corporation promotes and Develops. These are relevant standards for the display and display interface industry, ensuring interoperability and encouraging innovation and market growth.  The standards provide specific guidelines  for the mounting hole placement, screw size, and guidelines for the mounting pad or mounting apparatus to be utilized by equipment manufacturers based on  the size of the screen and/or monitor's weight.
Most of the monitors are compliant with the VESA standard.  Manufacturers of monitors have agreed on a industry interface standard, which means a hole pattern that is in a shape of a square or a rectangle on the back of the screen that fits any mounting device. The following summarizes VESA standard mounting hole patterns that are used today:  50x50mm / 75x75mm / 100x100mm / 100x200mm / 200x200mm / 300x300mm / 400x400mm.

If a series of mounting holes are not visible in the rear of your monitor, often the foot (or stand/ base) has to be removed to find the hole pattern. If the electronics is located in the foot, however, don't remove it. In that case your LCD will not be able to be mounted to any mounting device. However, first, check your owner manual for information about the location of the mounting holes.

Check to see if your screen or monitor's manufacturer states if it is built to the VESA standards. Your manufacturer is the main source of information about the construction of the LCD or plasma screen.


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