Patents & Quality Standards


Patented TV mounts for flat and curved TVs

A new line of products that fits both flat and curved TVs in very competitive prices.
The line is based on a ball and socket mechanism. The ball and socket joints allow the mount to hug the screen firmly without any use of spacers or other improvised solutions.
Samsung has reduced the curved TV prices to be the same as the flat TV prices, and many other TV manufacturers are following. Purchasing a mount from our new line will save you time and money if you'll decide to buy a new curved TV in the future.

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Patented Auto locking mechanism

The new line of products includes the new Auto Locking Mechanism, to prevent the disengagement of the screen from the wall, unlike other screw locking mechanisms that are usually not performed. In the Auto lock mechanism there aren't any cordes or springs that might break and it containes 2 hanging points, instead of the single hanging point included in most locking mechanisms. This mechanism is now included in all of our fixed and tilt TV mounts.

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European Standard

The organization was founded 140 years ago, and provides the TUV standard. This approval stamp is a leading international institution for strategic business sectors such as industrial, communications, and people. Among a variety of consulting services, inspections, and expert opinions, as well as certification and training. The goals of the organization are: reliability, safety protection of the environment, and cost effectiveness.

Every Barkan Mount is planned and tested according to the technical demands of the European standard, including loading 3 times the weight that the mount is supposed to carry, for 1 hour.




Lifetime Warranty

All of Barkan's TV mounts are made of high quality steel and have lifetime warranty.

For plastic and electric components there's 1-2 years warranty.

The warranty is conditioned in a proper use of the products, according to the warranty.


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Kids Safety

Kids safety is of the utmost importance. When it comes to TVs and appliances our goal is to raise the awareness of possible dangers from a tip-over of the TV. The safest solution is to hang the TV on a strong and safe mount.
Therefore, all Barkan TV mounts include a Fall Proof system that prevents disengagement of the screen.


Kids Safety