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New Line of Extra Long, Full Motion TV Wall Mounts

Large screens are becoming more popular, thus the demand for mounts that extend further from the wall is increasing.

Barkan was able to respond quickly to this trend, thanks to the modular design strategy, and develop a line of Extra-Long TV wall mounts in record time. With this strategy, we were able not only to design the mounts to be extremely long and stable but also to keep their prices significantly lower than competing extra-long mounts.

The exceptional lengths of the mounts allow swiveling large screens to create the best point of view:

BM343XL and BM343XLW - 90-degree swivel for TVs up to 65" (width up to 56.3"/ 143 cm)

BM464XL - 90 degree-swivel for TVs up to 75" (width up to 66.5"/ 169 cm)

All the products in this line include the unique patent to fit various screen types, are made according to our high standards and carry a lifetime warranty.

For our consumers' convenience, product pages of full-motion mounts include a swivel-angle calculator. It calculates the maximum swivel angle possible of the TV mount according to the consumer's TV size.

For more information on this line, contact us, or visit the product pages on our website: BM343XL, BM343XLW, BM464XL.

Make your large TV swivel as much as you need!

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