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Our Patent for TV Mounts with Adjustable Joints for Complex Screen Types is Approved in the USA and China


A line of products that fits both flat and curved TVs, as well as TVs that have special structures on their backs, at very competitive prices.

Some of the TVs that are manufactured today have unique structures on their backs such as bumps, indentions, or nonstandard connection-hole patterns. Sometimes those special structures make it impossible to use normal TV mounts, and it is impossible to know it without purchasing the TV and the TV mount.

To solve this problem without customers making unnecessary purchases, we developed a line of products based on a ball and socket mechanism, just like in a human shoulder. The four adapters (marked in light blue) can move in 2 dimensions which allows the mount to hug the screen firmly without any use of spacers or other improvised solutions.

Purchasing a mount from this line will save you time and money if you'll decide to buy a new curved TV or a TV with a special back-screen structure in the future.

The patent is approved and registered in USA, China and more countries.

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