Barkan launches the first-ever antenna integrated mount

Barkan Launches the First-Ever Antenna Integrated TV Mount

*For USA only.

After a long process of in-house R&D, we launched the first ever TV wall mounts with integrated HDTV antenna.


A decade ago, inventors integrated the camera into the smartphone. Today, Barkan integrates the antenna into the TV mount. Two essential products and industries integrated into one item that is going to be the new standard.


The large mass of metal in our TV mounts creates better reception than a standard indoor antenna, to enable free HDTV broadcast signals like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and more.


With our well-known patents of ball & socket adjustability to complex screen types and auto-lock mechanism to prevent disengagement of the screen, these models are the new TV mount standard in the world.


In less than 3 months over 1,200 units were sold in one of the biggest online retailers in the US, with a record low percentage of returns.


You can learn more about this revolutionary patent in the following videos: AM310, AM4800 and on our website: AM310, AM4800.                                                                                                                                                



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