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We are happy to announce the launch of 2 new Ultra-Compact, Modular TV Mounts: Models BM400T and BM410T.


What allows these Fixed and Tilt TV mounts to be so compact is their modular wall frame which is made of several separate parts. This enables us to reduce the size of the packaging significantly.

This design also allows these TV mounts to fit an exceptionally wide range of TV sizes. The consumer has the ability to decide which parts of the mount to use according to their screen’s VESA hole pattern.


Model BM400T is a fixed TV mount with 3 possible VESA configurations: up to 200x400mm, between 200x400mm and 400x400mm, and up to 600x400mm.


Model BM410T is a tilting TV mount with the same 3 VESA configurations, but each one can be installed with or without the tilting option.

Thus, the consumer has the option of deciding whether they want the TV mount to tilt or not, even after making the purchase.


For more details on these products, visit their product pages on our website: BM400T, BM410T.

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