Participate in Barkan's success

The TV mounts market is a competitive and crowded market, characterized by intense price competition and many competitors.

However, in Barkan Mounts we managed to find differentiation and advantages over our competitors that enable us to succeed despite the competition, increase sales and increase our clientele.

We invite you to be a representative of a reliable, stable, reputable brand known for its high quality since 1988 and sold in over 39 countries worldwide.

Advantages in working with Barkan Mounts:

Constant development – about 80% of our products are protected by two patents registered simultaneously in China (where we and the competitors manufacture the mounts) and in the countries where we sell. Our creative development team constantly develops new products and patents that increase ease of use, safety and while maintaining competitive selling prices.

Attractive assortment - provides a solution to all the needs of your customer on a small shelf area thanks to compact package design.

Reliable supplies - from our warehouses in Germany and the US or directly from our warehouse in China for large quantities.

Full marketing support - provides a solution to every need and allows us to advertise the brand in your market.

Competitive prices - today and in the future. We pledge to meet any price quote that will be presented to us.

Business protection - We'll protect you in a way that your customers will buy the brand from you and not from other sources. We will work with reliability and transparency over time.

Representation tools - We will design your business cards, provide you an internal Barkan email address, provide you product samples and comprehensive marketing and sales materials and produce any additional tools you may need.