TV Mounts

Barkan's signature TV mounts with lifetime warranty and including 2 unique patents.

Antenna TV Mounts

Patented TV mounts with integrated HDTV indoor antenna.

Indoor & Outdoor Antennas

High-quality indoor and outdoor TV antennas.

Smartphone & Tablet Mounts

Varied universal wall, cabinet and desk mounts for smartphones and tablets

Additional Mounts/Shelves

Additional accessories, expand the possibilities of use and design of Barkan TV mounts.

USB MoodLight for TV

Barkan's USB Mood Light eliminates eye strain and improves the viewing experience.

Monitor Desk Mounts

Barkan's monitor desk mounts assure wide movement range to reach ergonomic work station.

TV Stands and Carts

Wide variety of tabletop and floor TV stands and carts

HDMI Cables

Can be provided in any requested length
MOQ 1000 pcs, FOB China

Color: Black | White

Portable Chargers

Barkan's portable chargers will allow you to charge your portable devices anywhere.

Selfie Sticks

 Take the perfect picture at the perfect angle without effort.

Archived Models

Some of Barkan's old models.