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New Line of Tablet Wall Mounts and Lockable Tablet Mounts

Unique tablet clamps for any tablet sized 7"-14" 

Following the great success of our tablet mounts, and many requests we got from our partners and consumers, we are proud to launch our new line of Tablet Wall Mounts and Lockable Tablet Mounts for devices sizes 7”-14”.

The new mounts fit all popular tablets such as iPad and iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface, Fire and more.


In recent years there is an increase in the popularity of larger tablets and with it comes a need to mount them in a safe, convenient way.


Recognizing the demand, we have developed a unique line of tablet mounts that include a compact clamp with a two-way slide feature, allowing them to be compatible with a very wide variety of tablet sizes (from relatively small to very large) with no exceptions.


The diagonal clamp allows setting the device in both portrait and landscape positions without blocking buttons and ports while holding it firmly and preventing disengagement.

The new tablet wall mounts are an elegant solution for tablets controlling Smart Home systems, reading recipes and studying from home.

The new line of lockable tablet mounts allows self-service options in store check-out lines, restaurants, hotels and numerous other settings. It provides these entities with the ability to install tablets

in public spaces without having to worry about theft.

For more information on these products, contact us, or visit the product pages on our website:

Tablet wall mounts: T70, T72.

Lockable tablet mounts: T71HL, T70VL, T72VL.

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