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Glass Shelf for Media Devices

  • Glass A/V shelf for weight up to 22lbs/ 10kg.

  • 5 years Warranty (scroll down for document).

  • Made of tempered glass which is four times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when falling.

  • Supported by strong plastic wall bracket with glass fibers.

  • The bracket has two vertical pins that prevent the shelf from falling or being pulled out.

  • Safety tested with a load of 88lbs/ 40kg.

  • Color: white.

  • Product installation - please make sure to follow the assembly instructions precisely. If you have any questions contact our support team.

  • Previous and parallel versions: E85GW.

 Product Type

A/V Shelf


Safety, warnings, warranty & assembly instructions

Installation Warnings

Installation Warnigs.png

Safety & Warranty Instructions

Safety & Warranty instruction.png
Installation with text.png

Download Assembly Instructions

Installation tools

Intallation tools.png

Store Locatore

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