Universal A/V Shelf + Soundbar Mount
Universal A/V Shelf + Soundbar Mount
  • 5 years Warranty.

  • A/V Shelf for weight up to 7.7lbs/ 3.5kg.

  • Connects to the TV mount - no need for wall drilling.

  • Suitable for all Barkan Mounts and most TV mounts in the market.

  • Can be installed above or below TVs up to 80".

  • The shelf tilts 0° to 20° continuously, in order to balance the shelf when the screen is in tilted position.


  • A Sound Bar mount for weight up to 14.3lbs/ 6.5kg.

  • Suitable for both Flat & Curved TVs up to 80".

  • A conjunctive structure allows ultimate compatibility to a wide range of TVs and speaker sizes.

  • A special locking mechanism secures the connection of the speaker to the mount.

  • Color: black.

  • Please check the list of included screen-connection screws in the assembly instructions. If your screen requires different screen-connection screws, please purchase them in your local hardware store.
  • Previous and parallel versions: E850.


5 Year Warranty

This product has a 5 year warranty.

Safety Factor of 4

100% of Barkan's products passed quality control tests. The product was tested with 4 times its declared weight.

Self Assembly

1. Install the bracket on the wall.

2. Attach adapter to the rear side of electronic device.

3. Snap the electronic device onto the bracket.

Vertical Adjustment

Vertical position adjustment for enhanced viewing experience.

Lateral Adjustment

Easy screen positioning after installation.

No Drill

Installing the mount does not require drilling.

Flat & Curved TVs

Fits both flat and curved screens.

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