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Barkan Mounts was awarded a Premium Credibility Mark from the worldwide Dun & Bradstreet company!

Barkan Mounts has once again won the Premium Credibility Mark awarded by the Dun & Bradstreet rating company.

In the inspection, the company's scores are weighted in 4 parameters: review, seniority in the market, payment fulfillment, and lawsuits.

This mark is awarded to only 5% of the companies in the Israeli economy and is a standard for their reliability, proper conduct, and resilience.

Barkan Mounts is proud to be a leading company whose reliability and quality are a central part of its strategy and are leading values in its day-to-day operations.

This win is the result of a joint effort by all the company's employees and its management; An effort thanks to which the company has been a leader in its field for over 35 years and and is also made by our business partners - our customers who have been loyal to the company for many years and whose appreciation is also reflected in winning the seal of credibility.

Together, we will continue to develop and improve both our products and work processes, we will continue to respond to the changing needs in the world, and we will continue to provide high added value to improve the viewing experience of all our customers.

Another international company, that provides reliability and stability standards, sets a very high rating for Barkan Mounts.

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