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Company Profile



In Barkan Mounts, our main expertise is improving the viewing experience
by researching, developing, planning and manufacturing mounting systems
for entertainment electronics. Since the company was founded in 1988 by CEO
and Owner Mr. Lior Barkan, we have gained experience and worldwide reputation
as an innovative, high-quality, trustworthy company.


The company headquarters including the research & development, marketing,
graphics, logistics, QC management, finance and sales departments are located
in Israel. The manufacturing process & quality control are done in China.
Our products are planned to enhance the consumer's viewing and listening
experience, and at the same time allow us to offer the best value for the price,
compared to our competition.


Growth rate and International leadership


Barkan Mounts was founded in 1988. Today we are the leading company in Israel
and one of the world leaders in the field of mounting systems for entertainment
electronics. We have 2 subsidiaries in the US and Germany, from which we sell
our product to over 50 countries around the world. Our global business enables
us to gain knowledge from various markets and apply it to develop our products.


Designed and Innovative Products


Our products' exclusive design integrates perfectly with the entertainment electronic
devices. Our products are manufactured in large production series, sold in the leading
retailers around the world, hold unique benefits for the consumer and are patented.
We constantly improve our products. Our product assortment is constantly developing,
as we keep adding new and innovative products. All the parts of our products are made
of Eco-friendly materials, and can be recycled.


Easy Self Assembly


Our products are designed for an easy, 3 steps self-assembly. In each package there
are specific assembly instructions and all the necessary parts and hardware
for a simple installation


Strict Standards and Lifetime Warranty


We studied thoroughly the worldwide standards of mounting systems for entertainment
electronics, and develop our products according to the European TUV standard.
Thanks to high-quality manufacturing and constant improvements, many

of our products have a lifetime warranty.


Quick Reaction to the Ever-Changing Market Needs


Our products are developed in cooperation with our marketing, sales, engineering,
production, graphics and QC departments. This fruitful cooperation allows us to quickly
respond to the changing market needs, improve the existing products and develop new
high-quality products, which meet the consumers' needs with very competitive prices.


Full Marketing Support


We provide the distributors, chain stores and dealers with all the marketing tools,
equipment and guidance they need in order to sell the products, such as display
boards, catalogs, pamphlets, website, etc. These tools provide the consumers
with all the information they need in order to make a smart decision and find the
solution the fits their specific needs. We take full responsibility for the entire selling
process – from the factory to the consumer. All Barkan uniformly branded marketing
materials highlight the improvement in the viewing experience.


Close Relationship with Customers and Consumers


We often hold market researches and consumer surveys in the field of entertainment
electronics. We listen to our customers and consult them in order to understand
their needs and preferences. We quickly and thoroughly solve every issue
our customers experience to their full satisfaction. We aspire that the consumers
who buy our products will not only feel they bought an excellent product but that they
also enhanced their viewing experience.


Reliable supply


We provide excellent service to our customers. We keep stock in warehouses
in the USA and Germany in order to shorten delivery time. In all our warehouses
we have stock for several months of sales, which allows us to deliver very fast.


Management and Processes Improvement


Barkan Mounts is managed according to Organization Brain system, which is used
to plan all the working methods, control over tasks, improvement of the working
methods and adjusting them to the changing market. All the work and management
fields are covered in written work processes, which were developed by the Barkan
team. We believe in management through personal and group goals that are measurable and controllable.


Continuous investment in Research and Fast Reaction to the Market Needs


For Barkan Mounts, the improvement of products and processes is not just a way
of saying, but the very essence of the way we live each and every day.  We constantly
invest a significant amount of our revenue in research and development.
Our development efforts allow us to understand the market trends and as a result
to keep improving the quality and innovation of our products. Product development
includes our marketing, design, engineering, graphics, finance and logistics team,
using the world's most advanced technologies. This fruitful cooperation allows us
to respond quickly to the markets' changing needs, improve our products continuously
and developing new products that match our strategy: quality and innovation
with competitive prices.

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