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Barkan's Modular Design and Fast Customization Strategy

Exclusive product line according to your needs

Exclusive product line according to your needs. The modular Composer makes it easy to design, calculate pricing and display a product that suits your needs according to the many components we have for arms, TV interfaces, wall plates, and plastic covers. Contact us for demo and planning.

We produce brand new models according to your business preferences. The products and packages include exclusive model #, UPC/ Barcode, retail price, and website QR code.

We supplied a medium-sized retailer in the US, at the same time as another supplier that has been there for 8 years. In the past several years the retailer's TV mount sales have dropped because of online sales of their models at lower prices. In a line review, we were chosen to be the exclusive TV mount supplier and customize our products with unique model numbers and UPCs. The store's complaints about products being sold online at lower prices stopped and sales started rising.

A large US retailer asked us to offer a high value-for-money full-motion mount for Black Friday. Thanks to our fast customization, modular design ability we developed a brand new product at a very low price. 60,000 units were sold before Christmas and the retailer asked for more units.

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