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Barkan's new drywall, no-stud, no-drill wall mount

Barkan's new drywall, no-stud, no-drill wall mount

Easy and safe assembly without drilling or connecting the mount to studs. The steadiest no-stud, no-drill mount in the market!

We are proud to launch the steadiest drywall, no-drill, no-stud wall mount!


The mount's wall plate is the tallest in the category (compared to the standard short horizontal rails), which makes it the most safe and stable drywall, no-stud, no-drill mount in the market. It was tested with 4 times its declared weight.


With 24 nails and 2 drywall arrow anchors, the mount can be safely installed on drywalls (plasterboard, wallboard, sheet rock, gypsum board and gypsum panel) without connecting it to studs.


A finger-saving tool is included for a safe and easy installation.


The mount also includes our well-known auto-lock patented mechanism to prevent disengagement of the screen, with 2 hanging points on each side and without parts that might fail or break.


You can find 360 degree animation, video and more information in our product page.