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Barkan's New Drywall, No-Stud, No-Drill Wall Mount

Easy and safe assembly without drilling or connecting the mount to studs. The steadiest no-stud, no-drill mount in the market!

We are proud to launch the steadiest drywall, no-drill, no-stud wall mount line!


Thanks to their wide and tall wall frame, they are the safest and most stable no-stud mounts in the category. For comparison, other drywall mounts' frames are nothing but a single rail on the wall.


Also, they were tested with 4 times their declared weight.


Since most retail chains and distributors still do not have such an item in their assortment and since there is a huge demand for it with the new industrial buildings construction, we encourage you to use it as a “door opener” to penetrate customers you haven’t succeeded so far and to increase sales to your current customers.  


These mounts are selling very well in 2 medium-large retailers in the US with almost no returns. In one of them, the buyer was initially reluctant to buy these TV mounts, since he had no experience with TV mounts for drywalls. We promised a full refund in case of low sales or quality issues. In CES 2020 the buyer told us he is impressed with the success of these mounts and that they have no returns.


With the included nails and drywall arrow anchors, the mounts can be safely installed on drywalls (plasterboard, wallboard, sheetrock, gypsum board and gypsum panel) without connecting them to studs.


These mounts are protected with our patented auto-lock safety mechanism to prevent disengagement of the screen, with 2 hanging points on each side and without parts that might fail or break.


You can find 360-degree animation, video and more information on our website: ND300, ND400.



Contact us for more details, samples and prices.

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