Statement of Ethics

With the leadership of Mr. Lior Barkan, we have developed a unique system for knowledge management and process improvement – the Organization Brain system.


The system takes care of all the company aspects – general management, research and marketing, engineering, sales and account management, QC, logistics, finance, customer service and support.


Working according to the Organization Brain systems ensures high-quality management of all the processes in the company, excellency and constant improvement.


Code of Ethics - 10 Rules of conduct at Barkan


1. Honesty and reliability

  • Commitment to telling the truth.
  • No manipulation of customers or co-workers.


2. Sensitivity and willingness to aid one’s fellow worker

  • Understand and respect the needs of those around you.
  • Adopt a “Love your neighbor as yourself" mentality.


3. External and internal customer satisfaction

  • Accurate, attentive, and correct service to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Consult and advise the customer on how to become self-sufficient.

4. Openness to change and constructive criticism

  • Ongoing willingness to enact change in response to a changing reality.


5. Thoroughness and striving for excellence

  • Striving to perfect performance. Sticking to agreements and decisions.
  • Avoiding shortcuts, choosing the long-term solution rather than the short-term quick-fix.


6. Caring and taking responsibility

  • Display genuine care for the organization and the work environment.
  • Show a willingness to perform beyond your personal job.


7. Mistakes as leverages for improvement

  • Use errors as a springboard for improving processes.
  • Tolerate mistakes and avoid finger - pointing.


8. Fiscal responsibility and safeguarding of property, plant and equipment

  • Recycle materials and maximize the use of all equipment.


Barkan's managers endeavor to:


9. Set a personal example

  • Every manager’s behavior must directly reflect Barkan’s ethics.
  • Demand from yourself as much and more than you demand from others.


10. Transparent, fair and explicable decisions

  • Share the knowledge and factors that go into making a decision with fellow decision makers.
  • Display a sense of fairness and objectivity in every decision.


At Barkan, managers and employees alike, aspire to conduct themselves according to a consistent set of values. We believe that maintaining these values contribute significantly to our continued success.