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Vision & Strategy

Since its foundation in 1988, Barkan Mounts has been working to enhance the viewing experience of the customer.

Our expertise is in development, manufacturing and marketing of designed and innovative products:

  • Mounts for flat and curved TVs, computer monitors, smartphones & tablets, projectors, speakers, cable TV boxes/ streamers and other entertainment electronic devices.

  • Indoor antennas.

  • TV stands & carts, HDMI cables and additional products to enhance viewing and listening experience.


Our knowledge and experience enabled us to become the leading brand in numerous countries around
the world.

Our Vision


  • To be a screen accessories brand in the countries in which we can have a significant market share or have a distributor.

  • To fulfill our slogan: A better point of view, with every product we sell.

  • Constant improvement – we strive to be a company of high performance, consistency and morals. We keep improving and adjust ourselves to the changing reality.

  • Our team – we strive to improve employee satisfaction, to develop and retain employees, and to make them a part of every decision.

  • Business partners around the world – we strive to improve partners' satisfaction, manage them and their accounts as carefully as we manage our own employees. We take action to reduce customer complaints and quickly take care of each complaint in a way that will prevent it from happening again. Our prices are competitive according to the standard prices of the market. We supply our business partners with all the marketing materials they need in order to sell our products and will pilot them throughout the sales process.


Our Strategy for business partners:



To fulfill our vision we have developed the 4 part puzzle:


1. High competitiveness – We are committed to offering competitive prices and keeping these price levels for the long term. We match every target price we encounter.
Dynamic recognized brand – Our R&D team constantly studies the market demands and trends. The team develops original and creative solutions, such as patented HDTV indoor antenna integrated TV mount, Auto-Lock mechanism to prevent disengagement of the screen, etc. The brand is identified by its butterfly logo, red, white and gray colors.
High quality – each product carries a specific quality assurance program. Quality control is thoroughly performed on 100% of the shipments. Most of our TV Mounts has a lifetime warranty and comply with the strict demands of European TUV/ GS/ REACH and American standards.


2. Inventory responsibility – Fast lead time – from our warehouses in China, Israel, USA and Germany. Inventory management– we help our distributors manage their stock and make sure they never
have dead stock of our products. Effective packages – durable, compact packages which reduce transportation & storage costs.


3. Marketing support – we invest in shared advertising with our distributors and supply all the needed marketing materials for the consumer to make a smart decision: an up-to-date, interactive and responsive website (for computers, tablets and smartphones), product presentation videos, product 360 degrees animations, different images, display boards, catalogues, up to date website, packages, pamphlets and more.


4. Communication availability 24/7 – We are available and accessible in all forms of communication
and answer any contacting within 4 working hours.​

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